Distribution of 35 gallon Recycling Containers

The City of Brookhaven will make available, through a Department of Environmental Quality grant,  a total of 900  35 gallon roll cart recycling containers to be distributed to the citizens of Brookhaven on a “first come, first serve” basis beginning November 3, 2014.

The purpose of this distribution is to reward our faithful recyclers with an easier method for containing recyclables and also to encourage new households to begin recycling.

Procedure for Distribution :

1.  City residents must come to the City Barn on Willard St to verify address and Brookhaven residency with Photo ID.
2.  Pick up point will be the City Barn on Willard St.
3.  Distribution will continue on a “first come, first serve” basis until the containers are gone.
4.  35 gallon containers will remain the property of the City of Brookhaven.
5.  Hours of pick up will be 8-3 Monday through Friday

Brookhaven Recycles!

Learn how easy recycling can be. Brookhaven Recycles aims to encourage more of us to recycle with an information program that shows the benefits of recycling and the dos and the don’ts of Brookhaven’s recycling system.

Click here to learn more!

City of Brookhaven Water and Sewer Expansion

The City of Brookhaven has begun the planning process for prioritizing the needs of the City’s water and sewer improvements and expansion.

This is the beginning of the next phase of improvements and expansion to the 2007 annexed area. It is not an expansion of the City’s physical boundaries – it is the next phase of water/sewer services into unserviced areas.

The City of Brookhaven has spent $1.7 million over the past 4 years in the annexed area and has approved construction to begin on another $1.7 million. That is a $3.4 million commitment by the City of Brookhaven to the annexed area.

A clean, safe, dependable water supply is a very valuable commodity as polluted water sources become more common. Safe drinking water for the residents of the City of Brookhaven is one of the top priorities and obligations of your elected City officials.

Your City officials will do everything in their power to keep rates as low as possible. Water and sewer must be fee based and self supporting by state law. Over 60% of city residents pay the minimum bill (3000 gallons or less per month). Brookhaven’s water and sewer monthly rates are less than surrounding communities of equal size. The minimum City water bill is $11.45. A 5 gallon container of bottled water costs over $6.00; 5 gallons of City water costs 2 cents.

The greatest recession since the 1930’s has caused the City to be especially aware of our fiscal responsibilities to the citizens of Brookhaven. Timing is now right to fund the project due to interest rates being at historic lows.

Your elected City officials are diligently working and planning to provide top quality, safe and dependable water and sewer services to all residents in the annexed areas of the City of Brookhaven. If you have any questions, or wish to further discuss the City’s plans for this next phase of services expansion, please feel free to contact your Alderman or the Mayor’s office.

Mayor Joe Cox

Mayor Joe Cox believes it is an honor and privilege to serve as Brookhaven’s 30th mayor and is confident that we live in the best city in the state of Mississippi!  He looks forward to working with all residents and officials for the betterment of Brookhaven and is certain that together we can accomplish great things within our community.

Mayor Cox has a love for his hometown of Brookhaven and is committed to serve and meet the needs of all residents.  His vision for the future ensures unity with forward progress, as well as increased opportunities for our children and city.  He is dedicated to making a positive difference while keeping with the traditional family values of our Homeseeker’s Paradise.

He is a graduate of Brookhaven High School and the University of Mississippi, owner of Joe Cox Insurance Services, and has a history of community and civic involvement.  He and his wife, Angie, have been married 33 years and are members of Faith Presbyterian Church.  They have been blessed with two wonderful children, a son, Wade, and wife Katie, and their daughter Claire, and husband Jonathan Strong.

Mayor Cox looks forward to leading Brookhaven in a clear direction that supports efficiency, accountability, fiscal responsibility, economic development, job growth, a safe environment and academic excellence in education.  He will be proactive in addressing concerns of all residents and businesses, and bringing viable solutions to the place we call home.


One city, with common goals, sharing a vision for the future.

Online Payment of Water Bills.



Quick link to online water bill paymenthttps://brookhaven.ms-ezpay.com/